Pizza Pie in the Sky

There are lots of options for making your own gluten-free, yeast-free, almost-vegan (delicious!) pizza, but this is a simple one I chose to make today. You can’t even tell it’s not “real” cheese. Aside from maybe the eggs in the crust – I have yet to find another gluten-free/yeast-free pizza crust – there is no suffering involved. Conscious (mostly) clear. If you don’t want to do cheese, for a healthier version, bake your crust first, and then add hummus + fresh ingredients. Or sauté your vegetables first and add on top of the hummus. Sabra hummus makes a great “cheesy” topping! I usually pick up these ingredients from our health food store’s salad bar, with the veggies already sliced and chopped.

You will need:
1 gluten free/dairy free “Kinnikinnick” Frozen Pizza Crust
1/2 block “Follow Your Heart” gluten-free/vegan Mozzarella soy cheese
1 large handful organic spinach
small handful chopped red onion
small handful sliced red bell pepper
~6 shakes of organic thyme
1 tbsp organic olive oil 

Layer slices of cheese onto frozen or slightly thawed crust.  Add layer of fresh spinach. Pile on remaining ingredients and top with another small layer of cheese. (Don’t overdo it on the cheese, because any form of cheese is not great for yeast problems. Same goes for the white-rice crust.) Bake for approximately 20 minutes, then remove from oven and let cool. Enjoy!