Late Summer Smoothies

Summer is definitely still going strong in Texas. Here’s what I do to get by… Try one of these sexy nutrient-rich smoothies or experiment with your own!

Summer Peach

1 c. coconut kefir or yogurt
handful of mixed greens
1 whole peach (pitted)
1/2 banana
pinch chlorella and spirulina (natural source of B vitamins and great detoxifiers)
shake of chia seed and hemp seeds (great source of good fats)
a few drops of stevia
pinch of sea salt and some ice

Mango Tango

1-peeled and pitted mango, sliced
1 cup organic mixed greens
1/3 cup light cranberry juice (we used J.W. Knudson from Kroger – no sugar)
1-frozen banana
1/2 cup (purified) ice
stevia to taste (if needed)