Breast Cancer and General Immunity

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is one of my all-time favorite lecturers and a pioneer in the health and vegan/nutritarian movement. He is a smart, smart man. I loved this quote I heard from him in a recent lecture:

“We have to focus on winning the war on breast cancer TODAY, not TOMORROW. We’re not going to stop it by pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness, (nor) by giving money to drug companies looking for a magic pill. (For example) Women eating green vegetables, mushrooms, and drinking green tea every day had an 89% reduction rate of breast cancer.” – Dr. Joel Fuhrman

He also had many other fascinating things to say, including how and why eating animal food increases your cancer risk. I agree 100% with the statements above. Why keep spending millions of dollars and torturing thousands of animals to look for a “cure” that is already there, if we choose to accept it. I believe what we all-too-often want is a quick fix and a tiny pill to reverse all the damage we have done to ourselves. Dr. Fuhrman states that even if you possess strong cancer genetics, whether or not that gene is expressed is determined by our food choices and thinking processes.

I encourage everyone to check out his books, Super Immunity and Eat to Live.