Compilation of Gluten-Free Vegan Meals – Eating Out

So – I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and haven’t been eating much at home. Most of the posts I do are on Facebook since I don’t really write long posts often. I wanted to share the latest meals I’ve been enjoying with you even though I don’t have a lengthy list of recipes to maybe give you some inspiration on what to make next! Here goes:

Soy chai tea latte… great for cold fall days (Seven Mile, Denton, TX)

Tofu scramble with tomatoes, vegan cheese, avocado, and spinach (cheese contains nutritional yeast which doesn’t seem to be a bother – since it is in an inactive form) (Seven Mile, Denton, TX)

Black bean burger (use a gf, yeast free bun or skip it) (Seven Mile, Denton, TX)

Asian broccoli green curry stir fry (vegan place in NY next to Red Bamboo)

Grilled tofu, steamed greens, fresh potatoes, and black rice pilaf with tomato garlic sauce and tahini (sorry, I took a few bites) (Candle Cafe, NY)

Soy mocha ice cream with vegan fudge sauce (Candle Cafe, NY)

Swiss chard/chickpea crustada made from the Babycakes, NYC app (find it here:

And finally… I leave you with this (Walgreens ad, NY):