Tempeh/Black Bean/Potato/Cheez Quesadillas

Note: This recipe (with tempeh and Daiya cheese) is NOT yeast free.

You will notice I have been making lots of technically non-yeast free recipes lately and here’s why. Nutritional yeast, which is found in many forms of vegan cheese, is an inactive form of yeast (also a great source of B12 for vegans). It will not *usually* bother someone who is yeast-sensitive unless it is severe. Please go by your own intuition on this matter and leave it out if you’re in doubt. Tempeh is a naturally cultured form of the soybean, so it is technically also not yeast-free. It doesn’t seem to bother me, and I am highly sensitive to active forms of yeast. A good rule if you are sensitive is to leave it out of your diet for a few months (6 is preferred) and slowly reintroduce, taking note of your symptoms. These recipes can always be made yeast-free by leaving out the ingredient or substituting with something else – for example, use hummus in place of cheese.

You will need:
gluten-free corn tortillas (organic preferred – sprouted even better)
black beans
Daiya cheese (or hummus) – any flavor
baby potatoes with skin (I used purple!)
tempeh (optional)
Earth Balance or olive oil spray
Braggs Aminos
tomatillo (or favorite!) salsa

Boil baby potatoes until slightly soft. Dice and set aside.
Skillet fry tempeh with a little water and Braggs Aminos until light brown and set aside.
Warm onions with black beans and set aside.
Spray skillet with olive oil spray and place corn tortilla on skillet. Begin with Daiya cheez and layer on potatoes, tempeh and onion/beans. Add a tiny bit more cheez and place a new tortilla on top. Spray with a light mist of oil. Once bottom holds well, use a spatula to (carefully) flip. Slice up and enjoy with your favorite fresh salsa!

Fast and easy! Another great option is a corn tortilla with Daiya, lightly sautéed baby spinach and a bit of chopped sorrel!

Please forgive my non-existent photography skills.