BBQ Jackfruit, Gluten Free bread, and Veggie Pho

I get cravings for Veggie Pho a lot, so I thought I’d attempt my own this weekend. It’s definitely not made like a Vietnamese pro, but at least I saved some money. And who doesn’t like BBQ. These two recipes are the result of our shopping adventure at the Asian market. (Rice noodles and jackfruit! Whoo!)

Veggie Pho (Super Easy Shortcut)

Who knows if I made this correctly, but hey, I liked it ok. I picked up some Sprouted Tofu this weekend, and added that at the end for a little meaty flavor. All you need to do is cut it in cubes and sauté it (or fry it the proper way) with a little tamari and coconut oil. Add a little garlic chili paste if you wanna. It’s probably best to marinate it first?


For the pho, I just grabbed a couple boxes of Veggie Broth, added about 4 cups of water, and dropped in some frozen veggies. For this I used a stir fry mix, bell peppers, collard greens, and frozen broccoli. It would be great with zucchini and carrots too! To spice, I added some chopped onion (1/2), tamari (a good amount… about 1/2 a cup), lime, basil, ginger, a little sea salt, and some chili garlic paste. Cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes. If you want a real, authentic recipe (that I would possibly recommend using instead), try this one.


Add rice noodles once veggies are soft (don’t add too many, like me! hint: noodles expand… o.O) , and remove from heat.

Top with sautéed (or fried) tofu and serve with chili paste, fresh sprouts, and basil or mint if you’re fancy.


BBQ Jackfruit

What is a jackfruit you say? Well, if you haven’t eaten meat (for health and ethical reasons) in 2.5 years, you bet you will love this faux meat-like fruit freak of nature. When I first opened the can I was astonished at just how much this stuff looks like tuna. But sans the fishy taste. Jackfruit will pretty much take on any flavor you wish to give it. Skeptics, you must try this recipe! I am no longer one. I am sold.


Rather than steal this recipe, I will admit that I took this one from the one and only Sexy Vegan. So I will turn you over to him (I ❤ you…). Click here. (Since I was out, I left out the veggie broth in place of water and tamari, left out the beer, and made my own worcestershire sauce with ketchup and spices… it turned out just fine.)


Gluten Free Bread

You can’t have BBQ without buns. Serve this better-than-BBQ with this DELICIOUS (we’ll be having this for awhile) gluten-free bread recipe (I left out the yeast b/c it bothers me and used Dry Soymilk Powder). Add some Bubbie’s pickles (or some homemade bread and butter ones if you’re smart).

BEST RECIPE EVAAARRRR!!! You won’t ever be missing meat again (and if you do, I can’t help you).


The end. (Brought to you by your local Asian market!)