What To Do When You’re Sick


When I’m under the weather (which doesn’t happen all that often, but it happens), I want to do everything I can to get over it FAST and avoid going to the doctor if possible. If I had been juicing every day, maybe this wouldn’t have happened, but alas, it got me (don’t get me wrong, we can’t avoid everything). One thing I HATE is being sick, as I’m sure you feel the same.

Among a few other immediate go-to remedies, (BASIL MINT TEA, ACV–apple cider vinegar–drinks, elderberry lozenges, zinc and grapefruit seed extract throat spray, veggie soup, rooibos tea, SLEEP, etc…) juicing is BY FAR my favorite (and most effective)! Even if you don’t feel up to it, in the end it all pays off. Try it and you’ll see… 

(and if not, please go to the doctor… )

My Favorite Juice (SO tasty!)

You will need (organic if possible):

1 bunch lacinto kale (dark green, flat)
1 bunch celery (trim off the bulky end)
4 apples (I used a semi sour/sweet pink kind – deseeded and quartered)
1 lemon (skin and all – remove big seeds)
1 inch segment ginger (peeled)

Wash and slice produce, removing bulky ends and big seeds. Juicing’s pretty simple once you get everything arranged. Alternate produce in your juicer, using apple slices, ginger and lemon as cleansers in between stalky produce. I own a Jack LaLanne juicer, but any centrifugal juicer will do. It may look green like your front lawn, but I promise it tastes great!! AND it should help you get over that cough quicker. YUM.

Other (almost obvious) tips for when you’re sick: cut down on sugar, processed foods, and drink lots of water!!


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