Stuffed Poblanos and Red Pepper Hummus


I love homemade hummus! It’s so easy and quick to make. My favorite is red pepper, but you can make whatever kind you like best. We wanted a quick dinner, so we bought some poblanos and stuffed them with cooked brown rice, a little gluten-free tamari, and topped them with our homemade hummus! Bake at 350 degrees until they’re soft and you have a meal! (Put the hummus on after they’re cooked. You may want to cover these with foil so your rice doesn’t get crispy on top.)

Did you know tahini is a great source of calcium? Another reason to love hummus. I eat it with everything.

You will need:
1 can Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas
1/4 can Tahini, stirred well
1/2 jar Red Peppers in Olive Oil and Garlic
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
Paprika and Sea Salt to taste

Mix in a blender with a little water to get it going, and you’re done!

For the poblanos, we just cut a half piece from each one, scooped out and discarded the seeds, and added our cooked brown rice with a little tamari stirred in for flavor. (You can use 5-minute brown rice if you’re in a hurry.) I think we cooked our peppers for about 20 minutes, but check on them so they don’t burn. Drizzle on the fresh hummus and enjoy!