Juice Plus+

This could be the bridge to healthy eating you’ve been waiting for!

While I by all means believe in the importance of fruit and vegetables for your health, I think that for those who are having a difficult time preparing them or fitting them into their day (I’ve met MANY who have this problem), this might be a beneficial tool for you. It DOES NOT replace fruits and vegetables in your diet – but I believe it can help you realize the importance of them by slowly changing your cravings and perceptions of them over time. Once your body starts getting what it needs, it wants more! These are flash-dried, non-gmo, raw and mostly organic, pesticide-free fruits and veggies.

Please look this over if you’re interested, and call me if you’d like to go over it together. This is a high-quality product that I support. I wish you well!


How It’s Made:

Christie Norris, Certified Health Coach
cnorris.hc@gmail.com | 318.564.2335